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How to kick inactive users out of your Telegram group

Russell Kidson


Social media groups can be a messy business. More often than not, users start Telegram groups to perform a specific function. These groups either exist as a means to keep in touch, circulate pertinent information amongst interested individuals, or to keep track of business or personal affairs that concern a group of people.

Sometimes, however, groups get out of hand somewhere along the line. Either too many people join if the group is public, or users become unruly. However, the biggest problem with group chats has to be inactive users. Here’s how you can kick them from Telegram groups.

How to kick inactive users out of your Telegram group

What is an inactive user on Telegram?

Inactive users are defined as users of a social media platform or messaging utility, in this case, Telegram, who are no longer actively involved in the receipt, distribution, or exchange of information in a public or private forum like a Telegram group chat. There are numerous reasons why users may become inactive. In the majority of cases, however, the cause is usually one of two things:

  • The group is no longer stimulating enough to engage with, but the users retain membership of the group to ‘lurk’ every now and then and monitor the group silently for any interesting or pertinent information. 
  • The users have deleted Telegram from their devices but have neglected to remove themselves from groups. 

The latter is the standard operating procedure for many users. Users often go through phases with group chats they have no obligation to be involved in, deleting the app without removing their accounts or leaving group chats in case they decide to activate their profiles again.

Whatever the reason may be for users becoming inactive, it’s more than a minor inconvenience if you’re the administrator of a massive group and more than 60% of your members are inactive. In such cases, it’s rather helpful to know how to kick inactive Telegram users from your group. It is pertinent to mention before we start that the guide that follows requires that you be an administrator of the group in question and hold all administrative rights and privileges for the group.

How to kick inactive users on Telegram

  1. Open Telegram

    How to kick inactive users out of your Telegram group

    The first step toward an inactive user-free Telegram group chat experience is to open the app. You can do this on either your mobile device or desktop.

  2. Locate the Group Chat

    How to kick inactive users out of your Telegram group

    As soon as you open Telegram, you’ll be greeted with a familiar chat layout. On the desktop app, your chats will be in a column on the left-hand side of the screen, and the active chat will display on the largest portion of the interface extending to the right-hand side border. Scroll through your list of chats and find the group chat you’d like to clear of inactive people.

  3. Click on the Group Name

    How to kick inactive users out of your Telegram group

    Once located, open the group you’d like to manage. When you’ve opened the group, head to the top of the Telegram interface and click on the name of the group. From here, you’ll be able to engage in various interactions and better manage your group.

  4. Click on Edit

    How to kick inactive users out of your Telegram group

    The group management options available to you are listed in four white bubbles on a light-gray background. From here, you can toggle notifications for the group on and off, view the various media items exchanged during the tenure of the group chat, and even delete the group if you so wish. You’ll also be presented with a list of contacts already added to the group, along with the option to add more. 

    At the top of the interface, you’ll see two blue text items. One says ‘back,’ the other ‘edit.’ Click on the ‘edit’ option to open up an expansion to the interface and make even more adjustments to the group.

  5. Locate the Offending Member

    How to kick inactive users out of your Telegram group

    Once expanded, you’ll notice a few options have appeared. You can now set the group type to either public or private, make changes to the group photo or name, and change permissions for various users on the group. 

    You’ll want to scroll down to the list of group members. Here, you’ll see that another change has taken place; You now have a minus button next to each group member’s name. 

  6. Remove the Offending Member

    How to kick inactive users out of your Telegram group

    All you need to do from here is click on the minus icon next to each offending member’s name, and this will remove them from the group completely.

No More Clogging 

Inactive members who simply sit and monitor group chats send shivers down any users’ spines. The images that that thought conjures are of a dark room, with a dark figure, in a dark jacket taking copious notes of everything you send and interact within a group. Nightmare fuel, really. The reality, though, is that inactive members cause a serious clogging problem on your group chat.

Especially those who have simply long-pressed on the Telegram icon and deleted the app due to Purple Fox malware concerns or security concerns the developers don’t tell you about. So take our tutorial and head over to your groups for a quick, simple deep clean that gets rid of all the space cloggers. Your active members will thank you. Probably not, actually, but it’s the thought that counts.

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