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Telegram: The best groups and channels in English

Top Telegram Channels

Telegram channels are fantastic tools for broadcasting information to lots of people at once. You can set up a new channel and then add an unlimited number of subscribers, with people also able to join your your channel via an invite link known as a channel link. This sets them apart from WhatsApp Broadcast messages, which need to be built up using personal contacts by the user looking to broadcast the information. You can also start public or private channels and other channels are manned by Telegram bots that post automatically.

With Telegram channels being such useful tools for sharing information to lots of people at once, it follows that they’re also great places to receive high-quality information too. There are lots of public channels out there sharing all sorts of information like news, sports, upcoming movies you need to see, motivational talks, cryptocurrency information, and pretty much anything else you could think of. Today, we’re going to walk you through some of the best Telegram Channels you should join.


How to Find Telegram Channels

First off, let’s show you various ways to find Telegram Channels on your own. The easiest way to do so is to search for Telegram Channels in the Telegram app. Telegram has a very useful search bar that not only allows you to search through your messages but also through available channels too. This is the easiest way to look for Telegram Channels, but it isn’t the best and you’d do better to search elsewhere, if the Telegram search bar doesn’t find what you’re looking for. The main thing to remember when searching for channels using the Telegram search bar is to be specific with your search terms.

Another great way to find Telegram Channels is searching on social media. Places like Reddit offer lots of discussion on the best Telegram Channels, which means there are plenty of forums and pages like r/TelegramChannels where you’ll find plenty of interesting Telegram Channels that have been posted by other users.

The Reddit channel for Telegram channels
The Reddit channel for Telegram channels

Finally, there are sites out there like that are dedicated to listing and categorizing all the different Telegram Channels you can join. On top of these sites there are also editorial sites like Softonic that will offer their top picks of Telegram Channels, like we’re doing today with this article. Let’s crack on then and get into the best Telegram Channels.

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List of Telegram Channels

Wallpapers Central

Telegram Wallpaper channel

Like we started off by saying, there are Telegram Channels for everything, so we thought we’d start with something to catch you off guard. This channel isn’t about news or information or anything like that. This Telegram Channel shares new backgrounds and wallpapers that you can then save and use on your own mobile Android or iOS device. Simple and effective.

Love of Food

Nothing has taken the internet by storm quite so much in recent years as food porn. Is there anything more satisfying than images and videos of incredible dishes. All the best food these days comes with oozing, melting cheese and is probably better to look at than it is to actually eat. That is what this Telegram Channel serves up, food you eat with your eyes.


quotes on Telegram

This very simple Telegram will send you regular famous quotes from global luminaries and celebrities. Some of these will be funny and some will be inspirational. Others though, will be neither and then every now and then you’ll get the odd song lyric thrown in too.

Magazines & NewsPapers in PDF

This channel does exactly what its title suggests. It updates regularly and gives you PDF versions of many different newspapers from all around the world. What’s also great about Telegram Channels is that you can also search back through posts that were made to the channel before you joined. This means you can access all the newspapers and magazines that have ever been added to this channel no matter when you join.

You can search through posts in Telegram Channels by clicking the ellipsis menu icon in the top-right corner of the channel.


Netflix on Telegram

The Netflix Telegram Channel is a pretty standard corporate affair that sends out information from the company’s marketing department. It is useful, however, if you have a Netflix subscription, for learning about upcoming programs and movies that are about to land on the streaming platform.


BBC Breaking

The BBC Breaking News Telegram channel will share with you all news that the BBC adds to its rss news feed. This means it is a quick, simple and effective way to keep yourself up to date with all the breaking news that is going on around the world.

Telegram Worldwide Language Hub

learn languages on Telegram

This channel acts like a central conduit for all language learners and language learner groups that are currently active on Telegram. If you’re a student of any language, join this channel and put yourself in contact with like minded students and teachers who will be able to help you along on your language learning journey.


Audio Books Archive

As we already mentioned, you can search back through channel posts that were made before you entered the channel. This means Telegram Channels can also be effective libraries containing archives of information that have been built up over time. This channel is exactly this. It is the biggest archive of audio books you’ll find on Telegram.

Increase Your IQ

Great riddles and puzzles

The Increase Your IQ Telegram Channel is here to bring you regular riddles that will give your brain a decent work out. These don’t come through every day, which means you can have this channel set up for push notifications and you won’t be bothered too much. What you’ll get is the occasional message including a tough riddle that will get you thinking outside the box.

This lady’s cat

This Telegram channel has been created by a lady who thinks her cat is cute and that everyone should know it. Yep, the A pic of my cat everyday forever has been posting pictures and videos of this lady’s cats for years. The channel isn’t as active as it used to be, but then you can search back through all the old posts to see this lady’s in all its glory.

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