Telegram’s Group Video Calls



Group Calls To Appear As A New Feature In Telegram Soon

In a new message to Telegram users yesterday, the chat app announced that a new group video call feature will be appearing in May 2021. It will offer several handy tools, designed to make web-based video conferencing easier. This update is set to rival its competitors, namely WhatsApp and Zoom, combining elements from both platforms.

Telegram’s Group Video Calls

If you think it’ll only focus on video calls, think again. It’ll integrate noise canceling, screen sharing, and tablet support, to name a few. You’ll also receive the same data encryption, speed, and Telegram user interface that you’re familiar with.

The Telegram developers had mentioned this new group video call feature before, but there are several reasons for the delay. Besides letting you manage settings are required, they wanted to ensure that encryption remains the most prominent aspect. Securing video calls from several members simultaneously has been a daunting task to overcome.

Telegram’s Group Video Calls

After some security issues arose last year, Zoom introduced end-to-end encryption for its video conferencing app. However, it caused many features to disappear or become disabled in the process. We have yet to see what effect Telegram’s new update will have on the current communication tools.

One of the best aspects is that you won’t need to download any extra applications to access the group video calls. You can log in via the browser, which is ideal for regions or devices that don’t permit the installation of certain apps. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how this feature develops.

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