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Fast, private, and interactive messaging!

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging services providing cross-platform synchronization with ease. While the core functionalities are the same as other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, Telegram employs end-to-end encryption for better privacy controls. Telegram lets you create group conversations, send files, stickers, and contacts to people around the world.

A simple app for private messaging!

According to Telegram, the popular messaging app has over 200 million active users. Though it’s a fraction of Facebook and WhatsApp, the company is growing at a rapid pace. Within a short period of time, Telegram for Android has become one of the most popular encrypted messaging services in the world. With its Cloud-based distribution architecture, it doesn’t monitor your messages and other forms of communications.

In terms of privacy, Telegram is similar to Apple’s iMessage. However, the former is more reliable! It allows you to set up secret chats with self-destruct timers, letting you keep conversations hidden and private. Moreover, the app can be used on all major platforms, including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

How does Telegram work?

Using your device’s telephone number, Telegram app download creates a unique messenger ID. It’s quick and easy to share large media files and documents with people around the world. As mentioned earlier, media and messages can be set to a ‘self-destruct’ mode, which activates once the recipient has seen the message.

Using the ‘unsend’ feature, you can delete a message or media file within 48 hours after sending it. While the app works on various platforms, it also comes with a website version that works with most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Comes with plenty of features

Simply put, Telegram is the perfect mix of professional tools with creative features. It’s more fun than the usual messaging apps, and keeps your data and messages secure. With a large user base, Telegram makes it easier for you to transition from WhatsApp and Messenger. Additionally, it allows you to:

  • Create group conversations
  • Send images, videos, and other files
  • Broadcast up to 100 phone contacts
  • Initiate secret chats with self-destruct timers
  • Secret chats are the most useful feature of Telegram app. With these end-to-end encrypted conversations, along with media files you transfer, it’s possible to decipher your messages only on the recipient’s device. No one else can view or read anything!

    Unfortunately, there’s one drawback of using this feature. The transferred images and secret chat logs remain in your device without backups. Moreover, when you ‘secretly’ transmit an image, you need to save each one individually to your device’s gallery.

    Interactive messaging with stickers

    Just like other messaging apps, when you download Telegram, it comes with a wide range of playful elements. For instance, you can use interactive stickers to express yourself in a much better way. Since Telegram is based on an open-source platform, anyone can create and compile a new set of stickers.

    Once you like a sticker, you can save it in the app’s default sticker package, making it easily available. Telegram allows you to customize messages with stickers, bots, and other similar features, creating a loyal fan following among people disinterested in usual messaging apps.

    Syncs your contact list

    Since Telegram uses your telephone number to create a messenger ID, it synchronizes your contact list instantly. As such, you’re able to find friends on the app quickly and connect with them to initiate conversations. Moreover, Telegram considers your phone number to be confidential, ensuring it remains out of the reach of advertisers and spammers. When you create a group on Telegram messenger, even other participants can’t see your telephone number.

    As compared to other messaging apps, Telegram is lightning fast. Whether you send messages in a secret chat or through the usual server, recipients receive them instantly. While power and data consumption are normal for such messaging apps, Telegram doesn’t eat up a lot of resources on your Android phone. Most importantly, the development team sends regular updates, keeping Telegram in excellent condition.

    A worthy choice to stay connected over messages!

    Telegram download is the perfect alternative to WhatsApp, Messenger, and other similar messaging apps. While the interface is simple, the app keeps your conversations encrypted, allowing you to share sensitive information without any doubts. With bots, stickers, and plenty of other features, you’ll find Telegram fun, interactive, and engaging. If you’re looking for a messaging app, Telegram free download will be an excellent choice.


    • Allows secret chats
    • Comes with self-destruct timers
    • Multiple customization options
    • Supports large file size limit


    • Doesn’t support video calling
    • Doesn’t support ‘Stories’ and ‘Statuses’

    Older versions

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    Telegram APK for Android

    • Free
    • In English
    • V 7.7.2
    • 4.2
    • (3377)
    • APK Status

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      It's excellent and nmakes life easy for large groups such as church and school. It does


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