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Free and encrypted messaging app

Telegram is a free chat and instant messaging service that’s available across different platforms. This social and communication app ensures that your conversations and media files are kept safe by its strict security standards; however, users can upload their own creations—specifically, sticker packs—into the program. The upload speed of the program is also fast, especially considering it can send large file sizes via chat. 

What is a Telegram used for?

Telegram is a messaging service that provides cross-platform synchronization with ease. While the core functionalities are the same as other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, this software employs end-to-end encryption for better privacy controls. It lets you create group conversations, send files, stickers, and contacts to people around the world.

It offers encrypted messaging services through its cloud-based distribution architecture; it doesn’t monitor your messages or calls. The app allows you to set up secret chats with self-destruct timers so your conversations stay hidden and private. Secret chats are the most useful feature of the communication app. Unfortunately, there’s one drawback to using this feature.

The transferred images and secret chat logs remain in your device without backups. A "secretly" transmitted image requires you to save each picture individually. To keep your media and messages from being seen, you can be set to a "self-destruct" mode. You can also use the "unsend" feature, which means you can delete a message or media file within 48 hours after sending it. 

Is Telegram a safe app?

The Telegram app creates a unique messenger ID with your mobile number to synchronize your contact list instantly. As such, you’re able to find friends on the app quickly and connect with them to initiate conversations. Moreover, this program considers your phone number to be confidential, ensuring it remains out of the reach of advertisers and spammers.

Security has always been this software's major point of differentiation. The messages are encrypted in the cloud, but the one major omission in terms of security is the secret chat. When you create a group on the app's messenger, even other participants can’t see your phone number. As compared to other messaging apps, this one is lightning fast. You can send a large batch of photos immediately while audio and video are very quick to upload and send.

Note that this program is still an open-source platform. This allows users can create their own stickers and share them with others. Stickers can be any image or illustration you want and can correspond to an emoticon or emoji you like.  You do not need to be friends with the creator to save the stickers. Tap on the sticker you like on your chat, and this software will save the entire sticker set for you

Stay connected and safe 

Telegram is a good alternative to Messenger and other similar messaging apps. While the interface is simple, the app keeps your conversations encrypted—allowing you to share sensitive information without any doubts. With bots, stickers, and plenty of other features, you’ll find this app fun, interactive, and engaging. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Strong privacy features
  • Extensive selection of stickers


  • Users can make changes to the program

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Telegram for Mac

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 8.2
  • 3.7
  • (165)
  • Security Status

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